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Somewhere, in a strange house, a woman awakens to find herself without her most precious belonging - her memories. Laying at her feet in the place where she was sleeping, is a bed of wilted flowers sprouting from cracks in the tile and rips in the rug. They seem as strange as the house, but one is alive.

From that flower, a voice speaks up, voice weak.

"I'm dying…

Please. Take me to a place of green.

Or else I will die here, cold and alone."

Once the flower is uprooted, this nameless young woman begins her journey to find a place of green, as well as her scattered memories.

But lurking in the halls of this abandoned house, something lurks, seeking the scent of that flower. And within the walls, something crawls and scuttles, something older than time itself and something that will never die.


In The Dark is a Lovecraftian survival horror game made in RPG Maker VX Ace. The main gameplay elements will be puzzle solving, hiding, exploration, and running, as there won't be any or much combat.

It's heavily influenced by games like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Rule of Rose, as well as other RPG Maker horror games.

UPDATE: Just wanted to post an announcement on here stating that the upload link has been (finally) fixed. Sorry for all the trouble, everyone!

2nd UPDATE: Upload link wasn't working because, for some reason, Itch.io decided to not forward people to mediafire recently? So I uploaded it finally, so it should be a stable download now.

It would be great if you could, also, take this small survey so I know what things need to be changed for the next demo release.

3rd UPDATE: Good news for everyone that's waiting for a game update! I've picked up work on it again, and am revamping the maps! Everyone experienced lag issues, so I'm hoping smaller maps will cut back on that. Also! Updated - custom graphics and edited RTP - tilesets!

4th UPDATE: The game is, slowly, being ported over to RPG Maker MV. However, due to lack of inspiration and issues with the transfer, I'm placing In The Dark on hold until further notice.

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
AuthorDream Syrup
TagsDark, Horror, lovecraftian, RPGMaker, rpgmaker-horror
Player countSingleplayer


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I'd definitely pay to see this finished :)

Very cool game, I liked the ambient and music. I think I got stuck but will try to continue in other time :) Well done!

I really enjoyed playing your game. I did a playthrough of it. Check it out


ahhhhhhhh!!! another LP...thank you so much!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it - and I enjoyed your video too!

You are quite welcome! It was fun to play and I am happy you enjoyed my video!! I was looking at your other game "Lost Dreams" and would love to play it for my channel.

I am very much enjoying this game so far!!

ahhh!! thank you so much for telling me! it makes me really happy seeing things like this! ; v ; //subscribes!

Anytime! Keep up the good work!!

Its not downloading :c i really wanted to play it, too

I figured out the problem! Apparently Itch.io doesn't like mediafire links anymore for some reason. It's been uploaded onto the site directly now! Thanks for letting me know!

I'm having the same issue as vampirewarsuk, I clicked "download" but nothing's downloading.

really wanted to play this game but sadly nothing downloads