A word about the production

Hey everyone! Sorry for the amount of time that this is taking. I'm gonna lay some things out for everyone so everyone that's following this can know what's going on with my life and why it's taking so long.

First, the project is NOT dropped. It's just really, really slow going.

And why is it slow going? A lot of reasons. I have some mental health issues that have been causing some issues, ADHD that's been keeping me from literally doing anything productive, and there have been some recent events going on in mine and my family's personal lives and friendship circles that have also halted or slowed work further on it. Things are finally starting to get back on track though. Finally.

But I'm still dealing with the mental health and the ADHD. And I can't get medication for any of it either. So I'm kind of stuck dragging myself through it. So, that's what's going on with it basically. If anyone has any suggestions on dealing with ADHD while working on game projects or projects in general, please, God, comment below because I need whatever help I can get.


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Hello there!
I'm sorry, I might not be of much help since I don't have ADHD, but is it okay to know a bit how you arre working? Are you focusing on one thing then do something else when the first thing is done? If yes, maybe switching often between your different tasks may help. And, just take breaks when you feel like you can't focus anymore x)
Also, is it difficult for you to work alone? Maybe working with someone else might help too? I don't know, everyone is different, so I'm not sure about this one advice ^^"
I know that I personally prefer working alone for my own project(s), because I don't have much good experiences doing it with a team. There is pros like learning new things and interacting with new people, but there is cons that can bump you too (eg: team members vanishing without a word, others being demotivated, things like that). So yup, in fact, I think what I'm saying doesn't help at all... Sorry ;-;

So at least, I can wish you good luck! I put your game in my Collection, because I really like what I saw from the screeshots and I'm weak for games with cute graphics like yours! (>__<)

You can do it! <3

yeah, it's okay to ask my process! yeah, i basically just work on one thing and then move on to the next, so maybe mixing it up would help. or even moving to work on a second project at the same time so I don't get too burnt out...and nah, i work better when i'm alone tho its sometimes hard to get alone time, but i also work pretty good when i'm working with someone who's doing the same or similar things because then it's like "oh crap, i need to be productive because this other person is being productive too!" and yeah, i know the feeling about the team issues. i've had projects i've been working on with people just kind of drop because they disappeared or turned out to be awful people. :(

thank you so much for the post though, and adding the game to your collections!! the current demo has some old graphics and script, so it's definitely not to the same standards that i have now, but i'm really, really hoping to get a more upgraded demo out...eventually. as soon as i can focus a bit more anyway.

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I can't wait to see the upgraded one ~
And yup, that sucks when you stumble of people with whom you can't work properly (>___<)
I hope you'll find a way to go through that and if ever, you can still come talk to me about it (I know I'm a total stranger popping out of nowhere so it might be a bit intrusive and/or rude... I'm sorry if it offends you!) or even ask for help on the graphics if it's too much for you alone if needed?
In any case, hang in there, I think you're already doing super great! ~