Production Status

Sorry for the extended amount of silence regarding Eye Candy!

The game is still in production, though because of the new script, there's been some new mechanics added, and some graphical updates! So I've been working hard on all of that, while also working and battling with a prolonged period of "My Depression Thinks It's More Important Than Being Productive." 

I've been relatively quiet on both my dev blog, and this, and for that I'm sorry! I hope all of you still stick around for the makeover that Eye Candy is going through!


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Don't worry man! You go person! *cheer cheer*

I can't WAIT for the games release! But of course I will! Wait that is. You know, for the game to release *reads next chapter in the How to Cheer guide*

I hope you get SUPER TONS OF ENERGY!!! 

You Can Do It!