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"We'll be together forever, right?"

Koray awakens on a train platform one night, uncertain of how she got there, or where her sister, Mayar, disappeared to. Alone, she begins to search for her missing sister.

With her only clue being the word of a strange man to guide her, she walks straight into a twisted party game hosted by a woman named Eyela. Eyela and her guests (the doll-like Porcia, and the gloomy Balin) force her to participate in a game of theirs: Koray is to run, and solve their puzzles and play their games, or become their dinner.

Terrified for herself and her missing sister, she reluctantly accepts her fate, and presses onward.

Three beings referring to themselves as "gods" hold her fate in their hands. Will she be devoured, another lost child in this candy-land of horror? Or will she manage to locate her sister before it's too late?


This is an RPG Maker MV horror game originally made for the Pixel Horror Game Jam 2016, but ended up becoming a much bigger project than I intended. While the game may be not exactly a typical horror in the fact that there are few (if any) jumpscares and no outright gruesome scenery, I'm going to include a list of content warnings.

Content warnings

  • Violence
  • Gore
  • Body horror
  • Eye horror
  • Cannibalism
  • Child abuse (mentioned)
  • Blood

This list is subject to change as the game nears completion and enters the beta-testing stage, so somethings may be removed or added.

Development log


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When will it be done? I dunno if it's been updated since I've last downloaded it, but like, a year? Maybe two? I like the concept of this a lot and I'm eager to see the finished product!

I posted a devlog regarding it's current state of development last year. i was hoping that this year would be the year where i start feeling better mentally, but LOL. Covid.

when will this game be done???

I actually just made a dev log about why it's taking so long! Sorry it took me so long to respond!

is this still in development?


yes it is! it's just going through a lot of changes - both story-wise and graphically, so it's taking a bit longer than i'd like it to.

I loved this game so much and I can't wait until there's a full release! 

Also made a video for it:


thank you so much! I'm working hard to release an updated demo - longer and featuring the brand new graphics and script - in the next month or two, so i hope you'll like the new version just as much as the original one!

Ooh i can't wait! I'll definitely do another let's play when it's ready.

Keep up the good work! x3

I have a problem. Half of the screen turns black, I think it's because of the white stars. When I talk to someone, there's no problem

OMG I love the games so far can't wait for it to be done.

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This demo was so darling to play! I intend on following this project closely, I honestly adore the concept so much. 


I'm already quite attached to the characters, and the humor made me giggle quite a bit! The dynamic between Eyela, Porica, and Balin was extremely entertaining and felt very natural, as if those three have known each other for a very long time. It felt like I was immersed in their conversation due to their contrasting personality types and comfortable flow of conversation. 

Speaking of Eyela, her character is absolutely fascinating! She is just the perfect balance of excitable, disturbing,  and eccentric that she really had me hanging on every word. I'm extremely curious about her intentions, because so far she's oddly mysterious. Not that she tries to be! She seems so captivated by her own eccentricity and ideas that she's unpredictable. Eyela's character is a balance that I haven't seen very many creators pull off, but you have nailed the feeling perfectly!

Besides that, the color palette for this game is honestly so pretty. It genuinely reinforces that "creepy cute" vibe, and it's done so well that the pastel colors didn't draw away from the creepy factor at all. On an unrelated note, I really enjoyed the touch of stars coming down from the top of the screen whenever a character spoke. It was a really nice detail I've never seen before!

I also recorded this game, if that's alright! I'll include the link here in case you like watching people reacting to your games, but if you want me to take down the video let me know and I'll remove it immediately!

Lolipop, Guts Drop! Eye Candy Demo Playthrough!

In short, I'm very excited to see what you create! I have the feeling you'll bring to life some incredible stories someday if you keep sticking with it. I also want to mention: Don't let us pressure you into finishing the game too quickly! Don't be overwhelmed if things take more time than you expect, it's more important you are passionate and proud of what you're creating rather than squishing it all into a deadline. You've got this! <3

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ohmygosh, thank you so much for the detailed comment! i've never gotten something so long and detailed about this game before, so it makes me really happy! I'm definitely still working on it; I love these characters a lot, and I honestly have a few more games planned with them because I want to be able to tell all of their stories or at least give everyone more detailed looks at them. 

i'm really hoping to have a new demo out that showcases the new graphics and RPG system I've implemented, so I hope you enjoy that one as much as the current one! I'll definitely be following your  youtube channel too! i love seeing people play and enjoy my work, it lets me know that I'm doing something right! ;; v ;;

also, thank you for commenting and playing this game! it's people like you that keep me working on it even when it feels like it'll never get done. so thank you!! 

Of course!! I'm so glad I could make you happy with my comment haha. I'm honestly so excited to see what you have in store for these characters!

I can't wait for the new demo!! I'll certainly record my reactions once it's out, it'll be amazing to see how much you've progressed with making games and the different graphics you've created! And thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the follow! You didn't have to, so it genuinely means a lot <3 (;ω;)

And of course! I really wanted you to know how much potential I see not only in this game, but your future projects! I'm glad I could motivate you :D

Will we ever get a Mac version?

Yes! I am looking into how to get it on Mac...I'm not sure how to do it, but I'm going to try my best!

hhhhh i didnt know this was a demo ;_; i got too into it lol

Please finish this!!!! I played the demo not knowing it was a demo, and I got way too attached

The game will be completed! I promise! It's just taking a lot longer than I thought it would because of a lot of changes that are being made to it.

Good! I was getting way too into it lol, it looks fantastic so far

i wish it was longer :c

Checked on your Tumblr recently and it's great to hear this is still in production, as the demo showed tons of potential. The art style and visuals in particular were fantastic, and though it was short it definitely captured my interest. Super job so far, hope everything works out for you.

This has to be one of the funniest things I've played in a while and I honestly can't wait to see where this goes. The art style is fantastic, the writing is on point, and the music suits everything perfectly. Playing it on stream for what little there was, was a total blast, and got a kick out of everyone. Hopefully this project doesn't fall to the wayside or never gets finished like many others, I would hate to see such a wonderful project go to waste. Keep up the good work lovely~

is it okay if you try to make a mac version?

I will be attempting to port the game to Mac! I will also be uploading a new demo at some point in the near future, and will attempt to have a Mac version of that too!


Hi there! This game is absolutely adorable. I was so sad that it ended abruptly, but that just makes me even more excited to see the rest of game! Balin is so adorable too... 

I made a video of it (as you can see). This is my first video on Youtube so it's probably not going to be seen much, and it may be a bit awkward. 

Anyways, I hope your getting close to releasing the full game. I can't wait to play it!

i had play this game like 8 months ago and it was so cool and also you said that the game will be finish in the next couple of months but went i play it today......just the same demo i've played.But im very looking forward for it so keep up the great work.

Hello! I'm glad to know that you enjoyed the demo! And yeah, that was the original estimated date, but life had other plans...and then I started reworking the script...so it's taking a bit longer than I anticipated because of this! You can follow the progress on my tumblr, though updates will be sparse until after I finish moving! 

For this small little rpg demo game, it's super colorful and really enjoyable! Even with a few tweaking here and there but the dialogue for all of the characters were fun to read and getting to know what this monster filled world is about. Just hope I don't get eaten if my twin sister shared the same fate as I might!

Cant wait till the next update i loved the game

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First, I realized- .rar file. Wow. Great. I downloaded the game anyway and of course, my MacBook Air couldn't open it.

I then downloaded The Unarchiver, which unzipped it or extracted it or WHATEVER and so I was super excited and happy because I now had the game.

I clicked on the Game.

It said "The Application "Game" could not be opened."


I'm really angry and I'm wondering if there's somebody out there who can explain this for me? I want to play it so badly, but I stink at working my computer. Thanks!!

I'm sorry for the problems! I don't have a Mac personally, so I wasn't able to test that one...I'll take a screenshot of your comment and take it the RPG Maker community on Tumblr though and I'll let you know if anyone gets back to me with a fix for you!

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Dream Syrup, thatwould really help. Thank you so much! Sorry if my comment seemed passive aggressive, I was just frustrated!

Either way, your game seems awesome:)

Hi! Sorry this took me so long, but I wanted to make sure that I had fully exhausted all options. Unfortunately, it looks like, for some reason, RPG Maker MV doesn't let PC users create Mac deployment copies of their games. Which sucks. So I'll need to find someone with a Mac and RPG Maker MV to make a deployment copy for me.

I'm really sorry! I hope I can find someone soon - or can afford to purchase a Mac myself to make a copy for it. When and if a Mac copy can be made, you'll be the first person I let know about it!

That's okay! Thank you for looking into it!

(If you uploaded it as a .zip that'd also be really helpful and should work. I have a Wine which lets me run .exe files but still can't do anything with .rar files, and I think that's the case with a lot of mac users who play rpgmaker games)

Hey there I just wanted to let you know that I played this game on my channel I REALLY enjoyed it and I hope to see more of it coming out!

Thank you so much for playing it, and for making a video for it! The game is coming out soon, so I hope you enjoy the full version when it comes out, and again! Thank you for the LP of it, and for letting me know! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Oh ofc! it was so much fun to play! and I cant wait to continue playing!

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Such an interesting demo! So many questions~

I talk about the demo here in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/01/demos-to-keep-eye-on-2.html

I actually laughed out at the chicken conductor--conclucktor! Looking forward to the release of the full game :)

When is this game is going to fully come out cause i really like it


The tentative release date is Early Spring 2017! If the stars align properly, then maybe even before then!

Love the style, kind want to tattoo the logo tbh lmao. I can't wait for more =)

omg...I MEAN IF YOU WANTED TO, YOU COULD? (/ w \)!! (it's a big compliment that someone likes the logo enough to even entertain the thought for even a second...!)

Love the style and the concept; I would love to see the game finished.

I'm glad you like it! I'm aiming for a Spring 2017 release!

I have Tryophobia. I get itchy. But I really am going try it.

Me too!