A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"We'll be together forever, right?"

Twin sisters that wanted a new start.

Koray, the youngest of the two, and her older sister were running from a horrible situation, when certain events tore them apart, leaving Koray alone. The trail leads her to a gruesome party, hosted by a strange and unsettling trio of demons.

Eyela, the apparent leader of the demons, invites her to join their little party, but not as a guest. Koray will have to play their games if she wants her sister back. But these aren't the typical, safe party games a little girl is used to, and losing the games could mean losing her life and her sister forever...


This is an RPG Maker MV horror game created for the pixelhorrorjam 2016. While the game may be not exactly a typical horror in the fact that there are few if any jumpscares and no outright gruesome scenery, there will be quite a bit of triggering content in the game, and they are listed below.


  • GORE



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Published130 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorDream Syrup
Tagshalloween, Horror, pixelhorrorjam, RPGMaker
Player countSingleplayer


eyecandy_mac_DEMO.rar (400 MB)
eyecandy_win_DEMO.rar (402 MB)


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Hey there I just wanted to let you know that I played this game on my channel I REALLY enjoyed it and I hope to see more of it coming out!

Thank you so much for playing it, and for making a video for it! The game is coming out soon, so I hope you enjoy the full version when it comes out, and again! Thank you for the LP of it, and for letting me know! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Oh ofc! it was so much fun to play! and I cant wait to continue playing!

Such an interesting demo! So many questions~

I actually laughed out at the chicken conductor--conclucktor! Looking forward to the release of the full game :)

When is this game is going to fully come out cause i really like it

The tentative release date is Early Spring 2017! If the stars align properly, then maybe even before then!

Love the style, kind want to tattoo the logo tbh lmao. I can't wait for more =)

omg...I MEAN IF YOU WANTED TO, YOU COULD? (/ w \)!! (it's a big compliment that someone likes the logo enough to even entertain the thought for even a second...!)

Love the style and the concept; I would love to see the game finished.

I'm glad you like it! I'm aiming for a Spring 2017 release!

I have Tryophobia. I get itchy. But I really am going try it.

Me too!